Sunday, 11 October 2009

New website

Over the last few weeks i have been organising a website as a different way to reach more customers... also a proper site to advertise my Paper Roses on.

The name i have chosen is

I am going to try to email magazines and see if they will be able to use the roses in the feature displays.

This weekend i spent a lovely day in Hythe in Kent.
Beautiful church with a difference...under the church there are hundreds of skulls all piled up leaving a small aisle to walk through.
So many different shapes and sizes of skulls.

I made sure to visit all the antique and secondhand shops along the high street, brought lots of lovely old books most of them costing a pound or less, farmhouse kitchen cook book was one.

The weather was perfect for a stroll along the beach at Littlestone
Lovely weather and a great weekend.



Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Debbie....Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I just looked at your paper roses and they are just GORGEOUS! They look so real! Good luck with getting them in the magazines!~Patti

english rose corner said...

Good Luck with the website Deb, I cant think of anyone who more deserves success-you are the most kindest,generous person I know-generous with everything including her love. Dont think we have ever been in the church at Hythe, will have to get our other cousin Deb to take me as she lives there. Been years since we have been on that part of the coast, everything is B.K.A, before kates accident, hardly been anywhere since :( Ive been busy making things when migraines will allow,will put them on my blog soon. And been gradually sneaking more bits of my old furniture back in,old barley twist table in the kitchen next-do you think Damon will notice it lol!! My only regret is not having Eds lovely cabinet he made me for the butler sink,I only have the doors left,been thinking of sneaking the sink back in too, as the new one has leaked and has got to be replaced-how I hate stainless steel!-will finally get it all back to how it used to be! See you soon, love your cousin Betty xxxx

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Wow your roses are wonderful! Thank you ever so much for your kind comment on my blog today :) Xx