Tuesday, 26 August 2008

My chickens are really here.

I am so excited, at last i have 3 little chicken's they are only about 10 week's old so are a bit shy,we picked them up yesterday from the son of a good friend of my husband he breed's the chickens for showing and he was so kind to give us them as a gift.
I think he realised how spoilt they were going to be.
As i was taking them away i mentioned how i wanted to make their home heated for the winter and maybe put in sheepskin beds to keep them nice and cosy ....
Well when we put them in their run my husband had made. they ate some food and lettuce drank some water then hopped into the chicken hut and lay on the straw.
i can't stop looking at them they are so lovely.
They do go to the toilet a lot though so maybe no sheepskin beds just lots of clean straw.
I have to keep them in the run for a few weeks to get used to where they will live.

Must go and make some Rose's now i keep getting distracted.