Monday, 1 September 2008

My new banner

Over the weekend i was very lucky to win my new autumn banner from isabellascloset blog competition , i am so pleased and surprised. i have changed my colours to match,she is so clever please take a look at her blog.

We had a good weekend and even went to the beach at Camber Sands on Saturday had a paddle and collected some seashells too.

I really do miss taking the children its so different now that they are all grown up.
We rang them from the beach,they know how much we miss it.

My chickens are still alive and well, i feed them and and look at them they look back they seem happy.... i am going to put a mirror in so they can have a look at their selves.
Have a lovely week.

1 comment:

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I too enter the competition... never mind better luck next time!
Sorry for not replying to the comment that you have left on my blog sooner...
Only today I realized that you have very kindly left one.
As it was such a lovely comment!
Thank you so very much!
By the way... You are so very TALENTED yourself!
I love the photos of your garden and chickens...
But your paper Roses are truly beautiful!
Keep up with the good work!
Debbie Moss